Only a couple of miles away from Charnwood Acres Mobile Home Park is Thornton Reservoir. It has a small car park and number of walks along the edge of the reservoir. On a nice sunny day it is a great sight to see the light reflecting off the water and illuminating the trees on the other side of the reservoir. Swans and Ducks will always want feeding and it is great fun taking small children. We believe that fishing is available on the reservoir but one needs to establish more details before turning up laden with fishing gear! As time goes by we will try to find out and publish details here.

Across the road from the car park s a small garden nursery selling plants, trees and a specialist Fuscia greenhouse! They also have a Tea Room. Alternatively, for good food & drink try the nearby “Reservoir Inn” in Thornton. You are assured of a warm welcome.

  • Type: Places of Interest
  • Name: Thornton Reservoir
  • Distance from site: 3 Miles