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Charnwood Acres is a new site for Mobile Park Homes and Luxury Lodges. There are a few spaces available as we are continually creating new ones set amongst the mature trees in this fabulous woodland environment.

Wherever possible we are trying to keep as much of the natural setting and other than clearing the winding paths that meander through the woods, we intend to leave it to the local animals that abound throughout the grounds.

The park is owned and operated by Ron Grundy (Melbourne) Limited, We have over twenty five years experience in developing and operating Park Homes and our Managing Director Mr Anthony Grundy is passionate about this new site as it has such a relaxing and beautifully natural ambiance to it.

Below shows a map of the proposed site when completed although this is subject to small changes as each stage is undertaken. Whilst not exactly to scale it is a good approximation. The plots shown in a black outline are not released at the moment but show the approximate location in the future.

The plots shown in pink are already occupied. The plots shown in White are empty plot bases and are available. Not withstanding the plots that are in the process of being sold or "Under Offer" as it were.

It is difficult to keep the site plan up-to-date completely because we only mark them off as occupied once the home has been purchased and sited. Therefore some of the plots shown as available may in fact have somebody interested in it and may have even paid a deposit. If you see a plot that you are interested in, please call us to confirm that it is actually available.

Some plots are Single width plots for homes up to 14 feet wide and some are double width plots for units up to 20 feet wide.

Unfortunately it is not possible to have a single width unit on a Double width plot.


Charnwood PLOT35 Relisted




With the first two plots being snapped up immediately by folks on the mailing list, it leaves just plots 60, 59 available on this immediate release.

We are hoping to also include Plot 58 in the near future too.

There will eventually be plot 57 available but this will probably be next year before it is ready due to infrastructure issues. And may even be re-allotted to phase 3.


At the moment it is anticipated that Phase 3 will be available from Easter 2021

However you can express your interest and we can notify you when Phase 3 starts to become available


Double width plots for homes up to 20 feet wide (Not for single width units)

We only have Plots 23 - 24 - 25 - 27 - 28 and 64 available


We have Plot 63 that has a double unit on which is undergoing refurbishment and is anticipated to be available around the end of November 2020

Price is yet to be confirmed depending upon final costs but it is envisaged to be around £70,000 - £75,000

Charnwood acres JUST 2 PLOTS AVAILABLE

Site Plan - Updated 23 October 2020

Charnwood Acres Site Plan 23-10-20

We're A Close Community at Charnwood Acres

At Charnwood Acres Holiday Home Park you will find that old fashioned community values are alive and kicking! Whilst nobody likes living in an environment where everyone is living in each others' pocket, it is important that everyone looks out for their neighbour. This is especially true of our park.

On that subject, there is some interesting reading to be had from a Southern Californian couple who lived on a Mobile Home Park,..

They were concerned about their safety and vunerability. In a typical mobilehome community, neighbours are close. If some are unprepared, that makes it even more dangerous for those around them. But when neighbours work together, safety and security for the whole community are improved. They embarked upon an experiment to improve emergency preparedness in their community. The book details what they have learned about building a neighbourhood emergency response team. It is presented in a format for others to use to build their own teams. Whilst the examples and information pertains to Southern California, most of what is contained in the book applies for practically any country.

Emergencies by their very definition are unexpected and unknown. We do know however, that the more preparations and planning that we do, gives us a better chance of keeping that emergency from becoming a disaster!

Check out the book CLICK HERE

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