Bradgate Park, the historic Deer Park and ruins of Bradgate House, the early home of Lady Jane Grey – Nine Days Queen of England!

A babbling brook runs through the village and into the park where deer roam freely amongst the bracken and ancient trees & undergrowth. Take a picnic and enjoy a stroll through the park and find a clearing to sit and chill. It’s not just a summer venue either. There is a tarmacadam road that runs right through the park so it is easy under foot wet or dry. It is also suitable for older or more infirm folk as it is relatively flat if you keep to the road. Perfect for wheelchair users. Yet you are in the middle of some of the most attractive countryside the Midlands has to offer. Or take a bike and go on through to the other end of the park and into Swithland Wood which has an endless amount of walks, most leading to the disudsed flooded quarry in the centre of the woods. Fenced off from the public but used by local diving clubs that have had all manner of items like busses and cars submerged to enjoy their hobby. There’s always an Ice Cream van in the car park at the far end or try the Ice Cream cabin in Newtown Lindsey opposite the entrance to Bradgate Park.

  • Type: Places of Interest
  • Name: Bradgate Park
  • Distance from site: 4 Miles